SAS armor is now in a number of departments around Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma, and we are steadily growing as the only body armor manufacturer in Texas. Part of this growth is the steadfast commitment to customer service, as a smaller company pitted against the vast multi-national corporations owned by large hedge funds we have to be better at customer service. That’s why we aim to please because in all likelihood you will be dealing with the same people the next time an armor requirement arises.

SAS’s principle managing partner has over 30 years of development, manufacturing, and sales experience, has manufactured over 250,000 units in his lifetime and to date has helped saved hundreds of lives from 1988 to the present. We believe that your department’s protective needs are better suited to a smaller more innovative company that has an experience base of 30 years plus.

The other great thing about SAS is we have patented technology on rifle armor that is more comfortable, thinner, and provides better protection versus other hard plate technologies.  

We look forward to proving we are a better choice, before, during, and after the sale.

Thanks for your support.

Team SAS!