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Our Service and Product Philosophy

At SAS we are smaller than the billion dollar backed majors, but our experience base spans 30 plus years, and when it comes to service we're the best!

Another important aspect of our company model is our small size. Some think that's a negative, but think about this. Despite the fact that large companies have sophisticated independently accredited QC protocols in place, these large manufacturers also have been involved in all the major recalls, and continue to have issues in audits performed by the NIJ on a regular basis.

At SAS we have eyes on the products we make at every step in the process in a smaller more controllable environment. This more closely held approach means that your armor has been viewed and reviewed many times before it's shipped. With no claims or failures over 30 years, we're in a league of our own. So yes, we're a small company, but we are also a great company that manufactures body armor products you can trust!

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