• The Stealth Plate In Conjuction With Level E


    This is one of our new products for 2018, its a new super lite UDPE pressed composite using the latest generation Spectra Shield.

    We call it "The Stealth Plate" because it's only .500 of an inch thick, and rests in front of your standard NIJ 0101.06 certified  3-A soft armor, and at only 1.85Lbs per plate, you can wear this all day with no issues. Nobody will ever know you vitals are covered for mainstream rifle rounds and stab attacks. This plate was a recent choice of a special operations advanced contingent group deployed in 2017.

    We can also alter any concealable vest so you can house this plate in front of any 0101.06 certified 3-A unit, although we recommend ours, but no need to get a new vest if you just ordered, as long as it's 3-A on the CPL you're good to go.

    It defeats the following ammunition in conjunction with the 3-A vest to the TMAAS standard.

    7.62mm x 39mm Ball, 5.56 x 45 Ball, 7.62mm x 51mm FMJ Ball, Hornady .300 Black out.

    You now can have rifle protection for most rifle threats that you can wear concealably, and wear for long periods of time comfortably; it's called the Stealth Plate or STP for short! The advertised price is for the 7.75 x 9.75 double curved plate, and you can choose larger sizes from there for a modest price increase.

    Be Stealthy!

    Contact us with any questions!