• The Last Coup D'etat


    The main character Alex McKenna is in a criminally liable situation with the US Government. After 8 months of arguing through expensive lawyers, his business was ruined and he had been denied travel for that period of time. So he decides to do what might be considered fleeing the jurisdiction, and that’s where his life changes forever. Once a straight arrow honest defense contractor making gear to protect Police, now on the verge of going to jail or losing his company or worse, Alex is forced to make some outrageous decisions that are the antithesis of how his life had transpired up to this point. Million dollar heists, extortion, and financial terrorism became his new modus operandi. He makes powerful enemies and fantastic lifelong contacts and friends along this journey that spans the globe in search of profiting on the demise of the billionaires that run this world we live in.

    The desired result is summed up into one question, what if all the rules we commonly live under no longer applied to you, what would you do with this kind of power?

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