• SST-Shirt



    Here is our new and improved SST-Shirt!  NOW WITH Cool-Tech Lining for cooler more comfortable wearing! And Check out our new lower price, as volume has increased we have been able to lower the price, and being right before summer it's the best time to upgrade to the most comfortable armor unit on the planet!

    Over the last 6 months we have been working with several law enforcement groups and have continued the development of the SST-Shirt, and its now more comfortable than ever. 

    If you choose the CLWIIIA or FF3A ballistic system it is truly the lightest most concealable item you can wear that can defeat a powerful pistol caliber like the .44 Magnum and 9mm carbine rounds. We call it the SST Armor Vest because it goes on fast!  We carry it in a variety of ballistic models and sizes; the GTX-K-3A (Kevlar), Force Factor 3-A featuring the Force Multiplier material from Dyneema, and our NIJ certified versions, AFC-T3A-525 (100% Aramid) and the CLWIIIA Force Multiplier system to meet any requirements your department may require.

    The pictures above show an officer slipping on the SST Armor shirt, and its as comfortable as it looks. 


    Thinness -  .200

    Weighs .86 Lbs/Sq. Ft. for a total weight based on size medium is less than 3.5 Lbs.

    GTX-K-3A (Kevlar Hybrid)

    Thinness - .300 of an inch

    Weight - 1.30 Lbs/Sq. Ft.

    If you're looking for something different, something stealthy and comfortable, something you can upgrade to defeat rifles, look no further, this is the lightest most comfortable anti-ballistic garment you will ever wear. 

    Sizes Small - XXXLarge based on the following chest size-  Small is 30 - 34, Medium is 36 - 41, Large is 42 - 45, XLarge is 46 - 49, XXL is 50 - 53 XXXLarge is 54 - 58

    The T-Shirt model also has an optional "In-Conjunction-With" rifle plate options, the Stealth E plate or the Hexar 3+ ICW plate. 

    This product has been so popular this summer we have expanded the operation, and in fact this isn't just a summer time vest unit, it easily and comfortably replaces outer uniform carriers and standard concealable carrier units.   

    Be Stealthy!