• Super Wide Side Strap for Concealable Vest Units


    We're certain that just about everyone who has purchased a concealable vest has eventually had problems with the side straps, or the new neoprene ones don't give you the necessary snugness where you need it. Well this is our Super Side strap, that will give you long life and great fit with your existing armor. (The picture above shows the use of these straps on a typical vest or armored vest carrier. The armor panels are not included with this product listing)

    They also make great Christmas presents for the friend or family members who are in law enforcement.

    These straps are 6" wide with double elastic and plenty of gripping Hook Velcro. These Straps will give you the secure fit that you have been trying to get out of stock straps that basically are built to fall apart well before the service life of the vest is over.