SST-Shirt Without Armor


We make great armor, but many departments already have contracts, or their purchase cycle isn't up for several years, or some who use their armor in outer uniform covers simply haven't contemplated using one of these for certain situations. Well now we make these for other company's armor panels, and in most cases the SST-Shirt is compatible with most brands of armor panels, but fear not as altering these carriers is easy and fast to accomplish. In most cases a tailor will make a simple perimeter stitch in key points to better contain the armor panel, or we can do it!

This listing also includes the sale of the side panels that cover the gap on the sides if that's an issue, or perhaps you just like a little extra protection in that region, this is the answer!

Another option includes the Stealth "E" plate, this SST-Shirt model is set up to accept a 10.25" x 11.75" double curved Level "E" plate. If you need to know more about the Stealth "E" plate go here:

This is a year round solution to comfort and "stealthiness" for armor equipment you use.