• San Diego Style Concealable 3-A Ballistic Vest GTX-K-3A


    We know that there are many departments and officers that need quality American made vests but can't afford it. Its our job to make sure that we have something that works for every officer's budget. Our GTX-K-3A is quality protection at an affordable price.

    It's a simple design with a 6 x 8 pocket in front for a trauma plate, which is included. The ballistic panels are comprised of 100% Kevlar fabric that's been tested independently. It's reliable and affordable! You can't get a grant from the government and beat this price, and as stated it's 100% American made by Americans.

    So give us a shout, and we can show you how to do some measuring unless you're local or have a quantity purchase, in those cases we are happy to come out.