• QSPC-EXT-COV-Hexar 3+ SA


    With the advance of Hexar comes new innovative products that the market has never seen before. Our newest product is the Quick Strike Plate Carrier in extended coverage (QSPC EXT-COV). Plate carriers traditionally are for hard plates ranging in rectangular dimensions from 8 x 10 up to 11 x 14, and the most common size is 10 x 12. This hardly covers the torso, and anything outside these areas are either level 3-A for high velocity pistol threats or 6 x 8 side plates, and again its hardly protection that addresses most of the vital organs.

    Enter the QSPC EXT-COV, and its various coverage options. It’s plain to see that

    The coverage is significantly larger and addresses protection of the vital organs much better than a rectangular plate.

    There are three Options:

    1. Extended side coverage Shooters Cut, this coverage area is usually for the front, although you can choose for the front and back.

    2. Extended side Coverage with upper respiratory protection, this is a good choice for the front and back, but many opt to use this for the back and the shooters cut for the front.

    3. Extended side and full coverage height. This is usually chosen for the back

    panel although for really large operators it is conceivable to use it for the front, back, and partial side coverage.


    We make this in two ballistic systems, Hexar SA 3+ ALO and Hexar SA 3+ Sic3, basically it’s either alumina oxide ceramic or Silicon Carbide ceramic which is about 15% lighter than alumina oxide.

    This unit comes in a variety of colors and coverage schemes and takes 6 – 8 weeks to deliver.

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