• New Gen 2 Silicon Carbide Hexar 3+ Rifle Defeating Flex Plates

    $399.95 $299.95

    Hexar™ 3 “True Flexible Rifle Defeating Armor” Gen 3 Boron Carbide Version has arrived!

    Available in 10 x 12 Shooters Cut, 10 x 12 Full Size, and Small - XLarge SAPI sizes.

    The testing results have been phenomenal, the performance is great, and Hexar 3 is one of the most versatile armor designs ever conceived of, and because it’s flexible we can do things that other manufacturer’s can’t. For example, ever buy a 5.5” x 11” side panel for your tactical carrier? No, well you can get that here, and this is because it’s virtually impossible to make a practical product like this unless the rifle resistant armor is flexible like Hexar 3.

    Because this is a modular piece of armor and can go into many different designs, this 10 x 12 or ESAPI sized flex panel is available in either ICW  Level 3+ for use with a 3-A panel behind the flex panel, or STAND ALONE Level 3+ capable by itself of defeating the M-80 (.308) FMJ, M855, AK-47 MSC and Hard Core rounds. There is no need to buy anything to put behind it.  Just slide it into the plate pocket apparatus on your tactical carrier and get to work!


    This design is our highest performing Hexar version by weight, and is comprised of high quality Silicon Carbide and the world’s most advanced UDPE, plus the innovative “susperstrate” that’s patented!


    ICW Medium SAPI in  Hexar 3+ SiC3 Specifications: (Standalone flex plates and larger sizes are slightly heavier).


    Weight:  4.75 Lbs Each


    Thickness: .625 of an inch


    Flexibility Index:  7  -  180 degree capability

    (Every 18 degrees is one point of the index, 10 being the highest)

    generally we shipped within 3 - 4 weeks of ordering.