• LVAC With 3-A BALCS Panels


    You get the 3-A BALCS panels made to order using Kevlar KM2+ plain woven cloth, DuPont's best materials on the market and the LVAC cover. The BALCS panels are durable and housed in a water proof cover. Most people know that plain woven fabric lasts much longer than UD laminates, and that's why we can offer an 8 year warranty on materials and defects, 3 years longer than the other competitors.  The price on these new and made to order BALCS inserts are the best over any other supplier.

    The LVAC Cover has internal plate pockets. This is the best deal you can get anywhere:  439.95

    Please specify the size in the order details, this listing is for your choice of small, medium, or large, and if you want it made in the First Spear BALCS Version, we do that as well. That way you can take your panels out of your Siege-RO tactical unit and go low viz. You can also choose from a variety of colors.

    Our LVAC carriers come standard with a front and back 8 x 10 pocket arrays, but you have choices if you want bigger pockets capable of holding 10 x 12 plate up to 1" thick. So be sure to check out the plate pocket options as well.

    We manufacture these products to order, no old stock, no re-seller materials, straight from the manufactures, and 100% American made materials and labor, nothing Chinese.

    GTX-K-3A - Specs.

    Weight:  1.3 Lbs/Sq. Ft.

    Thinness:  7.5 mm

    Stops the .44 magnum and the FMC .357 Sig, and meets Military specs on the 17 Grain Frag.

    Materials:  100%  Kevlar fabric, and housed in a water proof rip stop nylon cover.

    If you believe in a great price for a super high quality product then buy here in a America from us, and that's what you will get.

    We do ship internationally on a case by case basis, please check with us to determine the legality of the shipment, this product is governed by the Department of Commerce export laws.

    Any questions call 281-899-0062

    Welcome to Stealth Armor Systems

    Here is a prime example of filling a roll in the market. Ever buy your First Spear Siege-R or Eagle Ind. CIRAS tactical vest and wish you could take the panels out and place them into a concealable cover maybe add some hard armor rifle plates and have two rigs serviced with one set of panels and plates?

    Here it is!