• Hexar Side Flexible Rifle 5.5" x 11"


    Hexar does what no other hard armor rifle plate can do, and that is, "Flex" and mold to the contours of your body. We offer this now as an addition to your plate carrier or tactical vest, so now you can have full wrap around protection. The pictures above illustrate just how easy and amazing this product is, and we can even make them in 5.5 x 11 with a center section that extends up to cover higher on the side without adding too much weight, see the picture above for that version. 

    The Height extension can only be used with top opening tactical vest side panels.

    These  side armor sets are available in SiC3 and Boron Carbide ceramic, and weight just 2.7 Lbs each for the SiC3 and 2.3 Lbs each for the Boron Carbide version.

    The order is for a left and right side set of Hexar Flex Panels (side cumberbund not included)

    Please allow 3 - 4 weeks for delivery