Hexar level 3+ Stand Alone 6" x 6" side or groin protector.

This is a fairly easy listing to understand, you have steel, which is heavy and limited against 5.56mm and M855 rounds, we have UDPE plate which can't stop the M855 or the M855 A1 AP. Then we have these side plates, Hexar 3++ Stand alone designed to fit in your side or in the groin pocket for protecting the family jewels.

We have these great 6" x 6" plate for sale and we make them to order, no old materials, no re-sellers of material, just top quality Coorstek alumina oxide ceramic and the latest generation UDPE, in a semi flexible format. For this application you don't need much flexibility, and that's what we can do with Hexar, engineer as little or as much flexibility that is needed for it's use.

The system on a stand alone basis stops the 7.62mm x 39mm MSC, M855, M855 A1, and the M-80 Ball which is the NIJ test round.

Get the best, get Hexar!

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