• Hexar 3+ Flex Panel Smaller Plates


    Here is one of our new Hexar 3+ flexible rifle armor products, the 8" x 10" flex panel, this unit fits into many different
    concealable units, Low Viz Armor Carriers (LVAC) made by Eagle industries and other manufacturers, and is perfect for very small tactical vests. These flex plates come in two versions "In Conjunction With" (ICW) or Stand Alone (SA) models. The ICW version will work with other NIJ 0101.06 certified units, so this can be a great upgrade to your existing vest. These items properly used safely defeats the M-80 (.308) at NIJ 0101.06 test velocities, the 7.62mm x 39mm (MSC), the M855, and its big bad brother the M855 1A!

    This is an affordable and easy way to upgrade you armor to meet the toughest threats on the streets.

    We do make other sizes so take your pick, they are compatible with other concealable vests, and they are made to order so if you have a size in mind just contact us to see if it will fit in this product's price range. If so, then buy it!

    Test Results Available By Qualified Requests