• Hexar 3+ BALCS-ALO-Sic3


    Shown in the pictures above is a Multicam Siege-RO carrier in size medium equipped with our New Hexar 3+ BALCS Inserts.

    ( Carrier Not Included )  This listing is for the Hexar Level 3+ BALCS Inserts designed to fit Eagle Industries CIRAS and any of their other BALCS compatible platform;  additionally these inserts also fit First Spear Siege-R, Siege-RO, Sleeper, and sloucher. However, with the First Spear products if you want this to fit you must alter the carrier to widen the wearer's side Velcro envelop. The picture above illustrates that necessary alteration. You can do this alteration at your local alteration shop or we can do it for a nominal fee on the check out. If you have our company make the alteration you will need to pay for the shipping to send the carrier to our company.

    The Hexar 3+ BALCS inserts come in two different types of Ceramic, our Gen 2 Silicon Carbide at about 18 Lbs, and Gen 3 B4C ceramic at about 15 Lbs average weight based on large BALCS panels.   The ICW versions saved about 1.5 Lbs off the above weights.

    Also you can choose from In Conjunction With level 3 or Stand Alone. Through testing at OBL we have determined that as long as you are using an NIJ 0101.06 certified units. our ICW Hexar BALCS panels will work to achieve level 3+ as combined panels. 

    The units defeats the following rounds over the entire torso (extreme edges excluded as is true in all armor products ):

    5.56mm Ball, M8855, M855 A1 and 7.62mm x 39mm in Ball & Mild Steel Core. This panel will upgrade your current 3-A BALCS panels to defeat all of the above ammunition plus the M-80 Ball FMJ round which is the Level 3 NIJ test round.  OR....

    The ICW version by itself will defeat the listed rounds with exception to the M-80 Ball, you need the 3-A panels behind the Hexar ICW to stop that round, or just step up to Stand Alone panels.

    This is the only product of its kind on the market, and it's exclusive to Stealth Armor Systems.

    Hexar is Patented!!

    Feel free to call 346-212-6318 if you have questions or would like references.