• GTX-K-3A BALCS Panels


    Special pricing while supplies last,  this is a great 100% Kevlar fabric in our water proof cover. 

    Our BALCS Panel Set Level 3-A, Fits Eagle CIRAS Tactical Carriers and other BALCS Compatible Tactical Armor Carriers. We also make them for FIRST SPEAR Siege-RO units. Also keep in mind that we can fit your carrier if you want to send it to our facility.

    We make these units to order, so all issue and manufacturing dates are within 1 week of your order date, and we only use certified Kevlar fabric from the manufacturer. We don’t buy from re-sellers.

    The Specifications are as follows:

    Areal Density:  1.3 Lbs/Sq. Ft.

    Thickness:         7.5mm

    Cover:                Heat Sealed & Water Proof!

    Defeats NIJ 0101.06 projectiles at specified velocities