• GTX-K-3-A 10 x 12 Plate Backers with 5.5 x 11 Cumberband level 3-A Panels

    .This listing is for 2 - 10.25" x 13" and Two 6" x 8"  plate backers layered with 100% Kevlar KM2+ water repellent fabric.

    Nevertheless, we layer these plate backers to defeat NIJ level 3-A test rounds and for use behind YOUR rifle plate, and it is great at catching frags and lowering trauma and can be worn on a stand alone basis to defeat the .44 Magnum, .357 Sig FMC, and 9mm FMJ at velocities consistent with the NIJ level 3-A, the label is included in the pics.

    We make these panels to order out of fresh stock we get from the weaver. We don't deal with resellers! All our fabric has 1st quality lot testing certs issued by the weaver. If you desire a 10 x 12 rectangle rather than the shooters cut on one or both just say so in the order details.

    This system weighs 1.14 Lbs for each 10 x 12 sized panel, and .48Lbs for each 6" x 8" panel. Each panel is housed in a waterproof cover. The panels are 7mm thick, and covered under a five year warranty from Stealth Armor Systems. This 100% KM2+ Kevlar plain woven fabric has a water repellent treatment as a secondary measure to prevent water from effecting the panel's performance. WE DO NOT USE CHINESE UDPE OR UD ARAMID MATERIALS, ITS 100% MADE IN THE USA WITH AMERICAN LABOR AND MATERIALS!

    Stealth Armor System's managing operator has been developing and manufacturing armor since 1988 and has vast experience in this field; so you are making a good choice when buying armor from our company.