• NIJ 0101.06 Certified Concealable Vest Options


    NIJ 0101.06 Certified Models

    SAS now has four options for concealable vests that are all certified under the NIJ 0101.06 standard and one certified under the 05 standard. The first is called our FF-3A/(CLWIIIA), and its comprised of the Force Multiplier technology that has allowed vests to be light and thin again despite the NIJ 0101.06 test standard becoming so difficult to address.  This system weighs in at .86 Lbs/Sq. Ft.. At the end of the day lighter and thinner is better, and if you have the money to spend on the latest generation technology its worth it.  

    The second system is called the "SLTIIIA" , which is comprised of  KM2+ 600 denier plain woven fabric combined with Barflex Kevlar UD  "4 Ply" cross piled laminate technology, which weighs in at 1.23 Lbs/Sq. Ft.. Its affordable on any cities budget, but still very wearable. The third NIJ certified 06 offer is The "SAS Fusion 2",  which is the same material composition in threat level 2 weighing in at .89 Lbs/Sq. Ft. The applicable NIJ model numbers can be found at www.Justnet.org under the certified products list, Go here:  https://www.justnet.org/compliant/ballistic_cpl.html  (Slate Solutions ) This unit is available for purchase under the Federal Bullet Proof Vest Partnership Program you can go here to learn more: https://ojp.gov/bvpbasi/, The last one is the Evolutions 5000 3-A which is NIJ 05 certified, and is not eligible for any grants from the federal government, but its a high performing vest comprised of KM2 600 denier fiber and has a significant amount of testing performed.

    NIJ Models:

    II AFC-T2-959  Neutral Side Opening C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 5 Years Active
    IIIA SLTIIIA                       Neutral Side Opening C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 5 Years Active
    IIIA CLWIIIA                       Neutral Side Opening C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 5 Years Active

    One of the great things about choosing SAS for your concealable armor needs is our cut and carrier options. Since the global conglomerates have bought all the major companies out, the products have undergone a consolidation process, and one of the all time greatest "cuts" have gone to the wayside due to cost and compatibility between all the majors, which are owned by two main hedge funds. Our style of cut is called the "San Diego Style", this is a front to back wrap where most of the width is skewed into the front panel. This is to give you uninterrupted coverage around the sides. Typically over the service life of the vest, any overlap you had is taken up due to weight gain, unfortunately its very common, and once that overlap is minimized the equal back and front side portions that most companies offer today leaves a very vulnerable side area open. Wound ballistics show that shots to this side area are particularly lethal. We also make side straps that are large and wide and don't wear out. They are guaranteed for the life of the vest and create a great fit!  We have our MPTA option for that fits all plates, and if you want you can purchase one of our SST-Shirts and use the same ballistic panels, its a perfect fit and great carrier for super low profile wearing. 

    Our vests are also compatible with the Blauer outer uniform carriers.

    We have sizes to choose from in Small - XXXlarge in regular, long cuts, or long/wide, if you need a custom fit unit give us a call, we guarantee the fit, and will do a free alteration if it's not right the first time at our expense.

    If this is a department purchase we will come out and package a deal  for your department and measure everyone, as the pricing listed is for small quantity purchasing.


    Small Chest Size - 32 - 36 

    Medium Chest Size - 37 40

    Large Chest Size - 41 - 45

    Xlarge Chest Size - 46 - 50

    When you are determining whether you are long or regular length take a measurement from the second button from the top of your uniform shirt down to the top edge of your duty belt in a seated position. Here are the numbers to look for:

    Small - Reg - 10" - 12" Long 13" - 14"

    Medium - Reg - 12" - 14" Long 15" - 16"

    Large - Reg - 14" - 16" Long 17" - 18"

    Xlarge - Reg - 15" - 17" Long 18" - 19"

    Wide waist Size: (If you are less than these number then you don't need a wide size)

    Small waist - 34 -36

    Medium waist - 38 - 40

    Large Chest Size - 42-44

    Xlarge Chest Size - 46-48

    If you are outside these ranges then check with us for a custom fit unit.

    Call us for quantity discounts or department order!

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