• Accessory Ballistic Inserts With Option For Covers


           GTX-K-3A Series   Level 3-A Accessory Inserts        


    We carry the best technology for our ballistic inserts cut for your Eagle platform. One of our new additions to the line-up is our Accessory Kit that goes with the Eagle Ciras or other BALCS compatible platforms.

    The accessory kit includes the following inserts:

    DAPS (Deltoid Armor Protectors) Two per set, L and R.

    OS Pads (Over the shoulder Pads) Two per set, L and R

    Neck Guard -  One piece which wraps to protect the side and

                  back of your neck.


    Groin Guard – One piece which attaches at the bottom to

                  provide some protection to your groin. We

                  make this pad extra thick for obvious reasons!

     First Spear Accessories are different. Typically this kit will fit any BALCS compatible platform, like BAE’s Eclipse, MSA’s BALCS version Paraclete platform, and of course Eagle Industries. This kit may also fit Blackhawk and other lesser well known carrier platforms, but the groin guard may need modification to attach effectively. Please check with us before purchasing if you are an overseas buyer, we have to check the licensing requirement.