• Concealable Vest Package Deal


    We are offering this package deal to departments and depending on the quantities its possible to lower the price, but what about individuals that have to buy their own, and need to have a great state of the art NIJ certified package custom fit with scalable options that allow you to build your vest as you go, or all at the same time.

    Try going to Galls or other police uniform stores, the prices and options are often prohibitive, so consider SAS for your protective armor needs, here is the basic package and the upgrade to the razor thin high tech 3-A concealable armor panels:

    Base model ballistic package - NIJ certified model AFC-T3A-525  100% aramid 1.17 Lbs/Sq. Ft and .260 of an inch thick.

    You get the following with this custom fit product for 599.95 :

    1 x Concealable MTPA carrier in the color of your choice - Fits 6 x 8/8 x 10/10 x 12, Trapezoid plates

    1 x SST-Shirt Carrier that also fits the AFC-T3A-525 panel set (substitutions allowed)

    1 x 6" x 8" trauma plate

    1 x Under Armor Cool Shirt

    For those who want the state of the art Razor thin 3-A panels, we offer NIJ certified models CLWIIIA or D-1871 weighing in at .86 - .87 Lbs/Sq. Ft and are only .200 of an inch thick for only an additional 375.00 with the same package listed above. You won't believe how thin and light these panels are. Its almost like not wearing armor at all.

    Attached is our measurement form and our pricing is good up to XXL-Long-Wide (50 - 52 Chest and 48 Waist) anything larger is subject to a surcharge unless its part of a department bid.

    SAS - 346-212-6318 call us anytime with your questions!