• GTX-K-3-A Complete Plate Backer Kit Various Sizes

    With so many choices for body armor on this and other sites its hard to know which one to pick, but here are some good reasons to shop with us:
            1.  The personnel here have been building armor for over 30 years, that's starting out in 1988!
            2.  We are using American Made DuPont Kevlar, and use 100% American labor to manufacture them 
                  right here in Texas!

            3.  We make it to order and most of the time it ships within a few days of payment, so no old stock!

            4.  Water Proof Cover!

            6.  5 year warranty on the GTX-K-3A from receipt of product.

    The GTX-K-3A is a 100% aramid based flexible panel that will meet your protective needs against 
    the .44 Magnum and the .357 Sig at NIJ 0101.06  test velocities. This listing is for a complete plate backer kit
    with a variety of sizes to choose from starting from 10 x 12 and 6 x 8 all the way up to XL SAPI size.

    It will catch frags that may penetrate an in-conjunction-with rifle plate, and will 
    also lower the blunt force trauma to the body.

    This kit fits almost all plate carriers on the market, and is super durable, and we make them in a lot of other sizes,
    so do check out our other items at our store.

    Defeats:  Level 3-A NIJ test projectiles at NIJ standard velocities, and all lessor threats.

    Weight:  1.30 Lbs/Sq. Ft.   (A standard 10 x 12 shooters cut plate backer weighs 1.14 Lbs not including cover)

    Thinness:  7.5mm or .300 of an inch. 

    9mm V-50:  1825 Ft./Sec. .44 Mag V-50: 1750 Ft./Sec.