Hexar 3 “True Flexible Rifle Defeating Armor” has arrived!


Why Hexar 3 over some of the other typical rifle armor plates ?


AR 500 steel - The videos look good and it’s solid marketing, but anyone who knows anything about steel armor at ¼” thick knows that it is suspect against rounds like the M855 and the 5.56mm Ball round at real velocities from something other than a sport model rifle. You send a ¼” thick sample of AR 500 hardened steel to the ballistic laboratory, at the intended velocities of these rounds you will see penetrations. Steel also doesn’t contour to the body very well and leaves protruding corners sticking out,  plus the fact that


                                                                        STEEL IS HEAVY!


The UDPE (Unidirectional Polyethylene) plate - There are a great many varieties now from 1.125” thick down to .625” thick, and they all have issues with hard cored 7.62mm x 39mm, and the M855. The really light versions are also very expensive, and the cheaper ones are very thick and/or UNICURVE (yuck), and if you ask any real operator they will tell you BULK is an undesirable feature when it comes to armor.


Then there are the clads of ceramic and PE. The basic method is to press the PE backing together under more pressure, and then lock down the tiles or monolith ceramic portion with a superior laminate or epoxy. The innovations in textiles and better ceramic manufacturing have helped reduce the weight and thickness of this category of plate offerings, however, their “Achilles Heel” is that a great amount of shockwave propagation is transferred horizontally from the impact point making repeat hit capability suspect. About the best hard plate in this category we have ever seen took about 8 -  .308 M-80 Ball rounds before failure, but generally you can count on 6 reliable stops per plate.


 And there is the fact that all the above are examples of hard rigid plates that do not conform to the body or flex when you move, which makes it very difficult if not impossible to cover more of the body than just a 10 x 12 area and most of these plates are shooters cuts, which is less than 10 x 12. Ever buy 5.5” x 11 side hard plates? They don’t exist in a hard rigid plate for obvious reasons, but we make them!


So that’s why Hexar is a great choice, its comparatively thin and/or thinner than the plates above, it stops all the threats discussed above, and it flexes, and that makes it possible to cover more than a 10 x 12 area of the body and still remain operational. 


In our most recent test at OBL it defeated 11 -  .308 FMJ rounds (M-80 Ball) in a row on a 10 x 12 shooters cut plate, and the test was stopped because they didn’t have any more room for a fair hit.


Flexibility, address of the broad spectrum of threats, reduction in bulk, and much less expensive than Dragon Skin the only other so called flexible armor on the market, that’s why you should choose Hexar 3 !


                      You probably won’t ever get hit by a hard steel core AK-47 or an M855 at proper velocities.


                                 You probably won’t get shot more than twice on the same Hexar “flex panel”.


                                        But knowing your armor can, and then some, is an awesome thing!


                                                  YOU NEED THIS!