Many years ago the founder of SAS invented Dragon Skin (DS), and in 2000 manufactured the first large contract of the worlds first and only flexible rifle armor system. Selling this technology was so easy, because upgrading from a rigid plate with minimal coverage to something that could protect your entire torso comfortably, and without hinderance to your operational effectiveness was what we call in the modern day era, 

"a no brainer"!

After Mr. Bain sold his interest in the DS technology and taking leave from the armor industry, Mr. Bain closely watched the complete mismanagement, and the eventual decline in favor of the new breed of hard plate, which are lighter, thinner, and cost less, and didn't have weaknesses against angle shots. 

In 2014 Mr. Bain and a group of initial investors founded a company we call Stealth Armor Systems or SAS for short.  We based this new venture on a better way to address flexibility in high threat rifle armor, one that didn't have weaknesses, and is on par with modern day hard armor in weight and thickness. Hexar demonstrates the flexibility to allow greater coverage areas and world famous repeat hit capability. This is the best flexible rifle armor on the market today.

The Technology

Hexar is a patented mosaic style ceramic faced armor system with a specific ratio of thickness and width, and then coupled with a shock dampener to preserve the ceramic tile's integrity outside ballistic impact points. The final substrate is comprised of the latest generation UHMWPE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene). In the pictures below you can see the weights, and the rounds Hexar Stand Alone and In-Conjunction-With can defeat. It's lighter than steel, and more capable than UDPE!

After almost 5 years in service, Hexar is still evolving and now has a solid proven track record. If your department or team isn't looking at Hexar, you're missing technology that can make the difference. In our latest NIJ certification test Hexar exceeded the test requirements in a way that shows durability, an excellent margin of safety, and low trauma to the body as compared to other hard armor plates on the market. 

One of the greatest features of Hexar is you can custom design any shape you want; so if your team wants to design a first responder entry vest with full coverage rifle protection its no problem. We can design flex panels that are bigger than standard SAPI plates, and to the point your  imagination is the only limit to what we can do with Hexar for your personal protection coverage areas from rifle fire. 

We have a listing on our site outlining some of the considerations to think about when contemplating a custom application, or you can call us and talk about it, we love talking to customers!